Enemy Of My Enemy

Enemy of my EnemyIn the opening days of World War II, a German U-boat torpedoes a Greek freighter and saves her crew. The submarine’s captain deposits the rescued sailors at a remote fishing village on Ireland’s western coast the next day, where he also leaves behind a few ominous clues.

Captain Ronan Larkin of G-2, Ireland’s military intelligence branch, investigates the incident and uncovers a shocking plot hatched by Irish Republican Army leader Billy Conor that could drag neutral Ireland into the war.

Conspiring with a cunning and ruthless Nazi spy known as Franz, Conor and his men have constructed a secret base at Dawros Head, a windswept peninsula on the lonely and wild northwest coast of Ireland. There U-boats patrolling the North Atlantic are refueled and re-armed, saving them the long and dangerous voyage back to their German bases.

In exchange, the Germans give Conor the weapons and money he needs to launch “Plan Kathleen,” a wartime revolt aimed at driving the British out of Northern Ireland for good.

What Conor doesn’t know is that his Nazi “allies” plan to double cross him at the crucial moment, invade Ireland and make it the staging ground for their invasion of England. It’s up to Ronan Larkin to stop Conor and Franz or see all of Ireland become a battlefield.

The intrepid intelligence officer embarks on a fast-paced, page-turning adventure as he unravels the plot with help from a beautiful Irish coast watcher, a British secret agent, and a Donegal fisherman.